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Standing for freedom, together.

There’s no shortage of conservative content in our country, but the glaringly obvious problem is the ineffectiveness in reaching young americans.


At Freedomists, we’re taking conservatism out of the box and rebranding it to more effectively reach our generation. We aim to teach conservative principles in a way that defies negative stereotypes, eliminates unnecessary barriers and effectively connects with millennials and gen z.  


Our goal is to create culture and community around a message that emphasizes healthy dialogue over polarization, common sense over idealism, and proven principles over failed theories.


If you’re looking for the typical conservative media outlet, this isn’t where you’ll find it. But if you’re serious about reaching young americans, we hope you’ll consider joining our cause. 

Daniel Myers


Freedomists is a millennial-led media outlet focused on communicating the principles of freedom to gen z & millennials.