• Mahgdalen Rose

Amy Coney Barrett is the Biggest Threat in Decades to the Left's Narrative about Conservative Wo

Amy Coney Barrett is terrifying to the left, not just because she is an originalist with a judicial history that makes conservatives weep with joy, but because she is the biggest threat in decades to the Left's nonsense-filled narrative about conservative women.

For years the Left has told young girls that conservative women are beaten down, oppressed, not able to reach the highest offices and positions in the world, and lastly, controlled. So, you can understand how a conservative woman who went to Notre Dame on a full-tuition scholarship, graduated first in her class, clerked for a Supreme Justice, joined a successful law firm, taught at Notre Dame for over 15 years, received the "Distinguished Professor of the Year" award three times, and became a Judge all before she was 46 would concern liberals.

After all, how can you convince young girls, not just in the USA but all over the world, that conservative women are oppressed and can not have families and be successful in their careers if Amy is sitting on the Supreme Court and driving her seven kids to school? The danger the Left faces with Amy is that she's not a political figure no matter what MSNBC says. She will not be out there trying to convince people to vote for certain candidates or a Party, but instead she will be, if confirmed, in a unique position to speak to young women all over the world as simply a highly successful conservative woman.

Her over 15 years of teaching experience means that she knows how to nurture young minds and, even more importantly, connect with them, all of which the Left knows. Liberals know that Amy, and honestly Amy alone, can pop the Left's nonsense-filled narrative surrounding conservative women.

Think of what it would mean for girls in this country to watch a Conservative mom of seven kids (one of which has down-syndrome) ascend to the highest court in the land not by bowing down to the Left, but instead by leaning into her faith and values. Young girls all over the world may just start to utter the statement Liberals fear most, "I want to be just like Amy when I grow up" because honestly, who would not?

Written by Mahgdalen Rose

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