• Mahgdalen Rose

The First Ladies of Republican States Must Come Together to Champion Adoption

Michelle Obama used her role as the first lady to champion and attempt to complete her goal of ending childhood obesity.

She started the Let’s Move health campaign which focused on improving and expanding nutrition, physical activity, and health awareness. There were multiple collaborations between major businesses, Government, and celebrities, all to lower childhood obesity. It was a campaign that sought to directly impact, yet was specific and neutral enough that it could draw support from both sides of the aisle and the public.

This model of First Lady activism is something that Republicans need to not only copy, but extensively study. No First Lady has ever taken up the cause of promoting and or reforming the adoption process and its Laws in this Country. Imagine if either America's First Lady/First Gentleman or the First Ladies and First Gentlemen of different states came together with one goal: to overhaul the adoption process and its laws and to promote and highlight adoption in a positive light. We would finally see the Pro-Life Issue discussed in Mainstream culture. Since adoption isn’t controversial or partisan, it would be neutral enough for anyone to talk about. No politician will object to making the adoption process more streamlined or available to people who want to be parents but aren’t super-wealthy, and there would even be a possibility of partnerships between the Government and businesses.

Take Apple for an example, its founder Steve Jobs was adopted, so how could Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple object to helping more children find loving homes just like Steve did. To end abortion, we need it not to be the only choice if a Mother can’t keep her baby. To do that, Republicans must not only promote adoption but actively work to overhaul the adoption process and make it more accessible for the Millions of Americans who are not Millionaires, but would like to be parents. First Ladies of Moderate Democrat States could even be involved in a pro-adoption campaign, which would mean Republicans would finally be able to use Liberal Media to advance the Pro-Life cause.

After all this time, wouldn’t it be perfect if the Left played a role in the undoing of abortion?

Article by Mahgdalen Rose

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