• Brandon Swindle

The Simple Answer to Restoring Unity & Equality

America is at odds with itself, its people are divisive and destructive at the core.

When the polarity of these discussions hit their climax, society reacts by shifting into advocacy for their individual cause, lashing out towards strangers and loved ones alike. The climax of discussion becomes controversial, contentious and argumentative. The debaters lose their ability to laugh off ridicule and wisecracks, because these become “attacks” on their character or beliefs. Even now, in a world seeking equality, there are those who would step upon and shove others’ “rights” aside to meet their personal ideology.

The world protests and riots over the death of 46-year-old George Floyd, there are countless businesses being looted and destroyed, and more than 15 lives have been taken during these harmful outbursts. Meanwhile, millions laugh and enjoy premieres, such as Space Force, and 9-season-long tv sitcoms, like The Office, on media-services provider Netflix, that contain racially charged humor and jabs at the unconventional LGBTQ+ community. Expecting equality while supporting a show depicting the opposite is absurd. “By changing nothing, nothing changes,” claims American author and philanthropist, Tony Robbins. Societal standards on racial equality will never develop or grow without direct effort from society. However, it is not fair to usurp the founding principles of one’s government because there is a disagreement. How then do we overcome differences and strengthen our great country?

We learn to value the individual freedom passed through generations of bloodied hands. So many have died for America to be here and now, free and proud. Only for us to squander the rights given to us. Stop seeing colors and genders. Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa states, “My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.” That is to say, our humanity is defined by all triumphs and failures. So, peruse each individual’s strengths and weaknesses like a book, not to be judged by the cover, rather by its contents. The stories within may be gripping, or even repugnant, but the opinions held will be founded on the material of the book, not its appearance. The summary of a man’s life rarely represents all he has to offer. There is no one like another, so there is no reasonable expectation to find yourself in someone else. Equality depends on individuality, and individuality determines freedom. Freedom to be human.

Article Written by Brandon Swindle

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