• Mahgdalen Rose

To Crush Abortion the GOP Must Become the Party of Working Moms

When Dana Bash interviewed Kellyanne Conway in 2019, it wasn’t Kellyanne’s job that was highlighted but instead, her life as a working Mom.

They discussed how difficult the move had been for Kellyanne’s children and what it was like to balance a heavy schedule with being a full-time Mom, and Kellyanne’s struggles to help her children adapt to a high-profile life in Washington. It had been a long time since I had seen a powerful woman in the Republican Party cast herself as a working Mom by more than just referring to herself as one. She humanized herself and created common ground with every other working Mom.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has also taken steps to showcase that she is a working Mom. From bringing her baby to work in the West Wing, to the regular sharing of social media posts about her family, there is a constant effort to humanize herself and not run from the knowledge that she is a working Mom.

These examples need to be followed and emulated.

As a young woman involved in politics, I have seen that, despite what you might assume, being a Working Mom in the Republican Party is often purposefully not highlighted or led with. Often out of fear that if voters or politicians see a woman as too much of a “Mom,” they will not vote for her or trust her with vitally critical political matters.

In 2008 when Sarah Palin was running, she led with being a strong Governor and a strong Mom; she highlighted her children even when she was told it would be better not to. This endeared her to Voters. They saw her personal life, faith, and career as part of her instead of as separate entities.

We can make the Republican Party even stronger through showcasing working moms in our ranks. By doing this, we can build common ground with female voters who have broken off from the GOP, and further cultivate a culture of life in the USA.

If we want to end abortion, we need to crush the idea that having a baby means the doors of success are closed to you. We are the Party of protecting life; we should also be the Party of highlighting it. Make it commonplace to see Republican Women speaking at events while holding their baby in one arm and a microphone in the other.

Written by Mahgdalen Rose

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