• Tyler Sanders

Will the Rise of the Left Be the End of the Democratic Party?

Today, the Left appears to be unhinged. Amongst conservatives, many leftists are identified as members of the mob. For many, it might seem that the Left has just become emboldened by the current socialist movement in America and that, along with their growing culture of intolerance, is in part the reason for the Left’s mob mentality.

Now, before I go any further, it is important that I define what I mean when I say the Left. For the sake of simplicity, well say that the Left is made up of liberals and leftists. Both groups want many of the same things. This is why leftist agendas are so popular amongst all on the Left right now. Their agendas are masked by surface issues like equality or racism. However, the degree of change that leftists strive for is much more than that of liberals. Most liberals are blind to this fact and leftists are keen to take advantage of this to gain support for their movement.

Leftists have taken the helm on all agendas on the Left giving rise to a new Leftist movement. Because of this, when I refer to the Left, I am referring to the leftist oppressive takeover of the American Left as a whole. While the Left’s current takeover seems to be unprecedented in America, unsurprisingly, it is not the first time. In the 30s, the Left, primarily dominated by socialists and communists, employed tactics similar to, but to a lesser degree, the ones used by the Left today to pressure President Roosevelt into not only making policy changes, but to also change, in essence, what he stood for all together. Out of fear of a revolution and his prospects for re-election, he gave in to taking up the Left’s agenda and its language. For example, he was an ally of the banks but then ran for re-election as one who would stand up to the rich who he viewed as oppressive. This sounds similar to something we would hear today.

A similar movement came about in the 60s albeit a more justified one. The Left gathered again but this time to push policies of the civil rights movement. While the movements most popular leader, Martin Luther King Jr., pushed for peaceful protests, activists used segregation laws to provoke showdowns that revealed the inevitability of chaos if then President Kennedy did nothing to change the laws. Riots began to break out and the threat of further disorder later pressured Lyndon B. Johnson into pressuring Congress to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964. While this result is good, much of the unrest influenced Johnson to also introduce government programs that expanded the powers of the government itself and expanded on policies introduced by President Roosevelt.

After the 60s, the Left went on a figurative hibernation. However, after the Occupy Wall Street movement and the founding of Black Lives Matters the left began to revive itself. At the time though, both movements were too far away from the political process to pressure President Obama like the Left has pressured past presidents. However, it did give the Left energy and they began to transform the Democratic Party to a party that made it their mission to confront class conflicts and to take up big government policies that they once, and not long ago, viewed as too idealistic and unachievable.

Now that the Left has the same influence as it did in the 30s and 60s, they are confident that the Democratic Party will bend to their will just as presidents have done in the past. And while there is not a Democratic President, there is a Democratic Presidential nominee who is just as gutless as his party and now bends to the will of the mob. This is clear as he flip flopped on issues every month while the primaries were closely contested. Even now it seems that he has no real plan for the country. At least not one that he thought of anyways. Both he and the Democratic Party, by extension, are pushing policies demanded by the Left. Not only have they taken on the Left’s agenda, but they also speak as if they are leftists themselves.

The party has moved so far left that even the Progressive era under Obama’s presidency is more appealing then what we are faced with now. Even if Biden loses, local governments are in danger of folding over to the mob like tactics of the Left like some already have. This is a sign that the Left’s pressure campaign could be successful just as it was in the 30s and 60s. However, while some good did come from those movements, many policies were also put in place that have not been good for the country in the long run and we are faced with the same situation today.

So how will this all end? Well inevitably, history shows us that the Left will face some backlash just as it did in the 30s and 60s. The backlash was over riots and lawlessness more so than it was over policies but this time around, it is sure to be over both. However, the kind of backlash depends on who wins in November. It is easy to see that the Left’s insane policies could hand Trump his re-election and that the GOP retains the Senate. If that’s the case then most backlash is likely to come in the form of legislation. However, If Biden wins then it is likely that the Democrats could take the House and the Senate. If this happens, Republicans won’t be able to restrain Biden with the same effectiveness as they did Obama. This along with the Left’s willingness to do whatever it takes to get what they want will surely embolden Democrats. Plus, the mob-like mentality of the Left is sure to continue in order to pressure the party into moving more and more to the left. This is sure to not only create more disorder amongst the people, but it is also sure to lead to a government that encroaches on the people's civil rights and liberties. This will not be accepted and the Left will face fierce backlash like it has never seen before.

In the past, the GOP was able to make the Left obsolete for a while. However, the party as a whole, today, is different from that of the 30s and 60s. Republicans and all across the Right are far more militant now than ever and that alone, is a huge threat to the Left. However, the backlash won’t just come from the Right. The Left’s policies and behavior are sure to affect and anger people on both sides of the political divide and they will not stand for it. I cannot say for sure what would happen, but I can say that the result can only be the Left‘s again becoming obsolete but this time, they could take down the Democratic Party with them.

The only hope that the party has is Trump’s winning the re-election. If he doesn’t and the Democrats sweep the country in November, then their party will be completely consumed by the Left and indistinguishable from it. The party is already at the point of no return but if they want to beat Trump, then it seems they have no choice but to adopt the Left altogether. As a result, when the Left takes things too far, and it will, the people will stand against them, bringing about the end of the leftists’ movement, possibly forever, resulting in the end of its supporting party.

Article by Tyler Sanders

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