• John Smith

Why Stupid People Irritate Me

Earlier this year, I was asked to be a leader at a Christian camp and as I was working through my workbook, I came across a confronting question: “What are some things that irritate you?”

As I sat there and pondered that question, it hit me like a ton of bricks as I realized that there was only one thing that came to mind: stupid people. To clarify what I mean by stupid people, is people who say one thing and do something completely opposite. We see this a lot in different forms of liberal people and liberal agenda when they try to push what they say on others while holding up a different standard for themselves. The whole time, they think they are fixing all the world's problems.

We see this in transgender bathroom debates, where these particular people want to try and make it possible for anyone to use any bathroom. These same people are then outraged when a man suddenly decides he is actually a woman, goes into a woman’s bathroom, and behaves inappropriately. In reality, what sort of people think it is “ok” to let a guy, who has just woken up one day and decided “Oh, I was actually meant to be a woman so now I should be able to use this bathroom,” do this? What did they think was going to happen when they opened up bathrooms for anyone to come into? Bafflingly, they act all surprised when we have issues with predators in women’s bathrooms. These same people then throw up their hands and are senselessly outraged of what’s going on – when it is their actions who have opened up the “door” to these problems.

The next group of these people are the ones that fight for women’s rights in the extreme feminist movements, yet, have no problem with men in female sports. These men come in, dominate competitions and [remarkably] win. These men parade themselves around as females when we all know they are kinda, really, actually not. What these feminists may not understand, is they are unwittingly undermining themselves. Their whole feminist movement is about advocating and proving that females are equal, if not better, than men in every way. Yet, they have no issue with and are actually celebrating men chopping and changing out their parts to compete with women and [amazingly] beat them. Talk about shooting the movement in the foot.

I’ve been waiting for a while for these people to wake up to their own incompatibilities between these different movements and their radical different ideologies, but it appears to be that they are too naive to even realize that. The stupidity of the left has not been on more evident display than through the recent coronavirus scare-demic.

Over the last few months, we have seen governments around the world work increasingly harder to control and minimize the effects of Covid-19. However, due to one incident in the States, we have apparently seen that an entire pandemic can be cancelled by riots and mobs. We have seen countries around the world who were in full lockdown, ironically refused to enforce the lockdowns during the protests. These governments have actually gone so far as to support the protesting and the #BLM movement -- even though the virus was going to wipe us all out.

If only we had known at the beginning of this pandemic that simply rioting and “peaceful” protesting could have cancelled out Covid-19, we could have had protests against the virus and wiped it out that way.

Article by John Smith

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