• Mahgdalen Rose

Joe Biden is a Candidate Without a Cause or a Rallying Cry

Does anyone know what Joe Biden is running on? We are now five months away from the 2020 election, and I, a politically active, young American, am still not sure what precisely the Presumptive Democratic Nominee for President is running on.

Let me be clear, I know what his positions are; the far-left faction made sure he declared them in the Primary, oftentimes to push him farther to the left. However, in the past few months, whenever I have seen Joe Biden on TV, whether he’s giving a statement or participating in an interview, my only take away has been that he fervently disagrees with whatever Trump has recently done or said and that he would do better.

There is nothing unusual about slamming the politician that you are running against. What is odd, is that Biden seems to only exist politically in order to object to Trump’s actions and statements. George W. Bush ran on Education reform and other domestic issues, Obama ran on Hope & Change (interpret that how you will), and Trump ran on Law and Order and the Economy. What is Joe Biden running on? It appears to me, at least, that Biden’s campaign simply repeats the cycle of taking whatever major issue the Left and the Media is focusing on, and runs on it until the interest in the topic dies down.

If you think about the major issues of this election cycle so far: The Second Amendment, Coronavirus, the collapse of Small Business, and race relations, which one has Biden led on? Which one has he taken up as his cause? The answer is none. Biden is perfectly happy to give a point-by-point synopsis of what Trump has done wrong regarding these issues. But what would he do better? Even when he explains his plans, the explanation is often muddled and filled with “Go to my website and read my plan” (no one does that). Biden is a Candidate without a cause.

His rallying cry seems to not be a cause or even an issue, but instead that Trump can’t do anything right. This isn’t surprising. What is surprising is that the man who was the VP for Obama (who dominated every conversation and somehow made every issue his rallying cry), hasn’t picked anything to run on other than “Trump is wrong.” Will voters go to the polls for a candidate without a cause?

Written by Mahgdalen Rose

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