• Mahgdalen Rose

Hey Democrats, Is Joe Biden Worth It?

Joe Biden is now the presumptive Democrat nominee for President. His candidacy was supposed to usher in Democrat unity and stability. Instead it has divided the Democrat electorate. Progressives feel ignored and abandoned while moderates are questioning "why". It’s baffling to consider how with such a large field of young candidates, a scandalous, 77-year-old, career politician has been chosen over the likes of Amy Klobuchar.

For decades Democrats have been gaining ground over Republicans with the youth vote. In 2016, Democrats won the youth vote 68% to 32%, and in the last few years, Democrats have made significant inroads with suburban white women. In 2016, President Trump won suburban white women 53% to 47%. Yet in the 2018 midterms, both parties split the suburban white women vote 50/50. Joe Biden’s candidacy puts all of those gains and all that success in jeopardy. Young people flocked to progressive candidates in the Democrat Primary. Young voters in Michigan chose Bernie over Biden by 33%, and in North Carolina, Biden lost the Youth vote to Bernie by over 40%. These are battleground states!

While I understand why the DNC may think that Biden can return them to the years of Obama glory by merely having a close association to Obama... if you look at the data and the impact of the scandals that follow Biden (like the Tara Reade accusation) you see that Biden is a liability. Democrats want to run on restoring dignity and honor to the White House, very similar to how Bush ran in 2000. In order to do that you need a candidate without scandal and accusation, someone who can run strictly on policy. Every conversation Biden now has about women will be tinged with the severe accusations he is facing. That alone will weaken support for Biden among suburban white women and progressive young women who have come of age in the era of #metoo.

The young voters the Democrats have managed to win over through a dedication to far-left policies and causes are being given a candidate who is not only on a different end of the political spectrum but even worse had a “no malarkey tour.” Most people under 30 do not even know what “malarkey” means! Democrats need to seriously consider if Joe Biden is worth risking the future of the their party.

Written by Mahgdalen Rose

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