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The Alabama and Missouri Abortion Bills are a Step in the Right Direction

Photo: Alabama Governor Signs Abortion Legislation | Photo Credits

On May 15th, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed into law the Alabama Human Life Protection Act, which bans abortion in all instances except when the mother’s life is in danger. Ivey stated that “this legislation stands as a powerful testament to Alabamians’ deeply held belief that every life is precious and that every life is a sacred gift from God”.

Yesterday, Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed a bill which prohibits abortion after eight weeks of pregnancy. Parson stated that “we are sending a strong signal to the nation that, in Missouri, we stand for life, protect women’s health, and advocate for the unborn”.

Democrats all across the country have been consistently outraged in response to the new conservative legislation, comparing the bills to the institution of slavery, warfare itself, and a “war on women”. Some even called for boycotts of all states that pass anti-abortion legislation, citing that the bill violates a woman’s right ‘to her body’ and to ‘her reproductive rights’.

At a pro-choice rally on Tuesday, Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) stated that the decision for he and his wife to have children was “her choice”, implying that he would have been fine with his children being aborted if his wife demanded it. Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) stated to the cheering crowd that she had an abortion. At the same rally, Senator Mazie Hirono proudly stated that she told eighth grade girls that their abortion rights are “under attack”.

In response to the Missouri abortion ban passed yesterday, the chair of the Missouri Democratic Party Jean Peters Baker stated that “it’s not the government or Governor Mike Parson’s place to get involved in a woman’s personal medical decisions about her pregnancy.”

Amongst all of the false outrage, the Democrats forget the very individuals who have no say in any of this— the unborn. The biggest lie perpetrated by the radical left is that abortion has anything to do with the preservation of a ‘woman’s body’ and ‘reproductive healthcare’. Since when is killing an unborn baby healthcare and securing a right to ‘one’s body’?

Many in society want a consequence free world where they can simply terminate their pregnancy if it’s inconvenient for them. However, there is no moral or scientific justification for abortion as a form of healthcare— it simply takes the life of an innocent human being who has had no say in the matter.

The radical left would respond by creating a false line of when the fetus is actually a “human life”, stating that life actually begins at viability— the point when the fetus is able to survive outside of the womb. This false establishment of when life begins is simply created to fool oneself that abortion is morally justified.

Another argument the left tries is that a fetus does not have the same moral value as a living human being. This is a false because if the fetus is left to its natural processes, it will grow into a fully formed and healthy baby. A simple clump of cells does not have the power to turn into a living, breathing, and fully formed human being.

Once the above arguments are debunked, the left also tries the ‘constitutionality’ argument. They state that the Supreme Court established Roe v. Wade, making abortion a constitutional right for all in this country. Just because the Supreme Court made something constitutional does not mean that it is right and just.

Do you need a convenient way to bring out hypocrisy? Ask any pro-choice individual whether they agree with the Supreme Court’s decision on Plessy v. Ferguson— the decision which stated that black people in the U.S. aren’t people and therefore have no constitutional rights. Oh— now people will be happy to state that the Supreme Court gets decisions wrong— but when it comes to Roe v. Wade— the decision is sacrosanct and cannot be messed with and overturned.

It’s simple— SCOTUS must overturn any decision which does not abide by the constitution. Tell me the clause in the Constitution which states women have a right to kill their unborn children. It doesn’t exist.

We in this country and across the world need to stand for the voiceless, and for those whose life is stripped away before it truly begins. We as a society need to support any and all anti-abortion legislation which makes its way through the states— in the hopes of overturning Roe v. Wade, an unconstitutional decision which has led to the slaughter of over 56,000,000 individuals in this country since 1973.

Mark my words— 100 years from now, society will look down upon abortion like we do slavery. The institution of abortion is a grave evil that stains the social fabric of the United States and of the world. We need to stand for all life, and not cower in the face of persecution from those who believe otherwise.

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Keyden Smith-Herold is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Analytical and the Chief Editor of Freedomists. Contact him: info@dailyanalytical.com

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