• Keyden Smith-Herold

Ignore The Ridiculous 'War on Christmas'

It is that time of year when the phrase “Merry Christmas” is, once again, being debated. The simple truth is that people are too afraid of hurting the feelings of individuals who do not celebrate Christmas — but why?

We now reside in a culture where the historical norm is no longer accepted — where being a Christian is looked down upon by a growing number of individuals with scorn or skepticism. We live in a society that is hypersensitive, in which people cannot simply accept a well-mannered greeting without taking it too personally.

It is silly how the Left believes that the 1964 claymation film “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” promotes bullying and should be pulled off the air. It is also silly how they believe the song “Baby it’s Cold Outside,” which originally appeared in the 1949 film “Neptune’s Daughter,” should be pulled off the air because it allegedly promotes sexual assault.

But these are the consequences of living in a politically correct world. Once we blur the lines of what is reasonable and what is asinine, we no longer can have a civil conversation without one party getting offended and overreacting.

How did we let the social fabric of society shrivel away to shreds? The answer to that question remains something of a mystery. But what we do know is that ignoring the false outrage and realizing that there is a silent majority of people who despise the new rules the P.C. police have implemented can leave some old American traditions intact.

If you are a Christian and celebrate Christmas, by all means, say, “Merry Christmas!” It is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. This is what the holiday is all about — not a mystical reindeer with an illuminating nose.

Those who are overly sensitive and politically correct simply want to distract people from the real meaning of Christmas while stripping the fun from the holiday while they’re at it.

If you are Jewish, by all means, say, “Happy Hanukkah!” And if you are one of the few who want to celebrate the darkest day of the year by sending out “Happy Winter Solstice” cards to family members, have at it. Don’t pay attention to those who want to police every word and action you speak and do.

This doesn’t mean that “Happy holidays” is a bad greeting; it’s a wonderful and cheerful one! But we as a society should also be allowed to express excitement for our religious holidays just as much, without fear of condemnation and damnation.

If you say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Hanukkah” and receive backlash, ignore it. Move on with life. It is not worth trying to reason with those who can’t be reasoned with. Individuals who get offended by “Merry Christmas,” even if they are not Christian themselves ignore the Judeo-Christian ideals and practices our country and society was built on.

No matter what you believe, receiving the greeting of “Merry Christmas” is inherently good. It is a statement of goodwill. This is a time for joy and celebration for everyone.

Let’s also address one ridiculous fallacy about Christmas: that the statement “X-mas” is “anti-Christian” because it “takes Christ out of Christmas.” The “X” indicates the Greek letter “Chi,” short for Χριστός (Christós), meaning “Christ.” X-mas and Christmas are equivalent except in lettering. So, if an anti-Christian individual tries to use this historical abbreviation to try to bash the holiday, they are miserably failing.

In closing, ignore the ridiculous “war on Christmas.” Simply giving it attention and caving into what the P.C. culture wants will simply feed the epidemic. The more we ignore it and proceed to do what society has literally done for millennia, the sooner we can return to normalcy.

Merry Christmas!


This article first appeared in 'The Daily Caller'

Keyden Smith-Herold is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Daily Analytical and the Chief Editor of Freedomists

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