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How to Talk Politics With...

This isn’t another discussion on how to have a civil conversation with those who disagree with you. By now, at least half of the nation has had experience in this area.

This article addresses a topic I have yet to fully master. The topic of how to talk politics with those who are politically indifferent.

Big breath..here we go.

1. Don’t lose it when they say, “What does it matter anyway?”

Aww man. I remember in 2012 a friend of mine telling me that Obama winning re-election “wasn’t a big deal.” I hate to say it, but the poor guy and half of our chemistry class got to hear a monologue on how wrong he was.

I have learned that for a number of reasons, people don’t see politics as particularly key to life. It’s okay. Find out what makes them politically uninvolved.

You can tell them why they may want to take more interest without going all “Hulk mode” on them.

2. Don’t tell them what they already hear/see everyday

The reason many people don’t take an interest in politics is because they hear the same discourse over and over and over and over...you get my drift. They are turned off by perceived disingenuous reporting and rhetoric (although many times their perceptions are correct).

They need to hear from you, a person who lives life alongside of them, about why you take an interest in politics. Then, try to make a connection to their lives and encourage them to be a part of keeping government accountable.

America’s government works for “We The People.” If too many of The People take a vacation, who will oversee the work?

3. Let it go

If after a few conversations your friend continues to show disinterest or even ignores the topic all together- let it go.

This is the hardest part for me, however the truth of the matter is you cannot force anyone to be a sheepdog or a player on the team.

Some people will never see it as their duty to participate in politics, and no amount of you sharing news links, political memes, or imperative information will change their hearts.

So turn on “Elsa mode” and sing “Let It Go.”

Can you go back to a time and place when you didn’t care about politics?

Written by

Hannah Bunch

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