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February 2, 2019

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Is Hillary a Con Artist?

October 20, 2016

Yep. Hillary is a con artist. One of the greatest in American history.



Although it sounds like some stupid conspiracy republicans made up, this time it’s actually not.


It’s an undeniable fact that as a young lady Hillary Clinton was personally mentored by Saul Alinsky, the author of the progressive handbook, Rules for Radicals.


In a future article, I’ll explain the book in greater detail, but essentially it lays out a plan for radical progressives to take complete control of America. Alinsky’s goal is “revolution” and his tactics are deceptive and straight evil.


Hillary wrote her senior thesis at Wesley College on Alinsky’s model. She entitle her thesis, There Is Only the Fight . . . : An Analysis of the Alinsky Model. She was and is a true disciple of Alinsky.



The Hunger for Power


So what exactly is a con artist? The dictionary says it’s someone who “cheats or tricks others by persuading them to believe something that is not true.” Basically, someone who deceives you into giving them what they want.


Hillary wants power. As much as possible.


But the Constitution gives the power to “We the People”. So she has to convince the people to give their power to the government…to her.


But why would the people ever give their power to politicians? That power is their freedom. No one in their right mind would ever give away their freedom…unless…their security and well-being depended on it.


This is where Hillary’s conning abilities come into play.



The Tactic


She knows that people will trade freedom for security.


So Hillary’s mission is to convince the people that they will be more secure and the world will be more just if the government has more power.


But this can be hard to sell, because every example in history, including our own nation, shows that more power in the government always leads to corruption, mistreatment of the people and eventually economic failure.


So she hides the truth, and focuses on things that sound noble and inspiring…like justice, equality and freedom. She wants you to think with your emotions, not your brain. She has to get the focus off the facts, off of history and objective truth, and on to emotional appeal, and an inspiring vision.



The Sales Pitch


So, how does she do this?


She tells us there is all kinds of injustice, inequality, discrimination, hate speech and peril.


And the only way to fix these problems is to give more power to the government. The government is our only hope. Too much power in the hands of the people is killing us.


So “We the People” would have to be crazy and plain evil not to gladly give the government as much power as it needs.


Those who want limited government are stupid and dangerous. Because big government is the savior to the world.


If you want to move forward to a brighter future for everyone, you’ve got to jump on the big government train. It’s time you wake up to the 21st century and join this inspiring vision.


If you want to put an end to poverty, if you want to put greedy rich people in their proper place, if you want to end discrimination and hate speech, if you want to end all the injustice, if you want to rescue the world from climate change, give your power to the government because they are the only hope.


And that is the sales pitch. Although they’ll never say it that blatantly, that’s exactly what they’re selling. Very very compelling. Very appealing. Very deceitful.


It’s a bunch of bologna.



The Reality


In reality, the ones selling us this “noble” vision are corrupt politicians who want nothing more than power for themselves. And the crazy things is we know they’re corrupt. Hillary Clinton is one of the most untrusted figures in all of American history. But yet we’re trying to put her in the White House.


How is this possible? She’s a masterful con artist. She can walk out on a stage, put a smile on her face, give a heartwarming speech, present an inspiring vision, distract everyone from the facts, appeal to your emotions and dupe millions of people. And it’s despicable. Because we are the victims falling into her trap.


By the time we realize what’s happening, our freedoms may be gone. We think we’re going to get some great utopia like she promises, but it’s never going to happen. All she wants is more power. And she’ll say whatever she’s got to say, to get it.


Americans must wake up. We’ve got to stop putting faith in corrupt politicians. We’ve got to stop assuming they’re honest and have our best interest in mind.


When politicians are trying to convince you to give them more power, it shouldn’t pass the sniff test. We’ve got to be smart enough to see through the deceit.


We’ve got to see Hillary for who she really is.


Until next time, remember, standing together, we can defend liberty and justice for all.






Written by

Daniel Myers

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