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February 2, 2019

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Who Is the Real Enemy?

October 5, 2016


It’s the beginning of October, and so we have had enough time to get over the 9/11 “feels” and move on with our lives, right?


This is exactly why I wanted to bring up 9/11. There was a picture I found that was associated with that somber day and I surmised it was taken shortly after the attacks. This picture shook me to the core.


The picture was of what seemed to be a former wall in a building. On this rubble were the words,“You can destroy our buildings, but you can’t destroy our foundation.”



Who Can Destroy Our Foundation?


Why did I feel shaken instead of glorious chills? Shouldn’t I feel pride course through my veins at those bold and true words? I should, but all I could think of was who could destroy our foundation. The answer is- us.


Not some outside source, but we alone can destroy our foundation.



If we do not study our foundation, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and those who constructed these documents, then we will not have a leg to stand on.


How can our country be in such turmoil? There are candidates running for the highest office in the country who are clearly in direct contrast to what our Founders intended, all the while people are willing to follow them?


Because the nation is at a loss for who or what is our authority. Any policies or public offices should be given authority because the policies, and those holding office align with our Constitution.


If we as a country don’t know where we came from, and why America’s Founding Fathers chose the path they did, then we as a nation are lost.


Instability will be ours, and so soon will be our destruction.

Our Responsibility


This is where we find hope! We can continue to live out the principles of our foundation.


It is freeing when we think that honestly, no matter how bad we may be attacked, no one from the outside can erase from our hearts what our foundation was built on, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.


What becomes our responsibility and duty is to guard our foundation by first knowing what our foundation is.


If we have grateful hearts, and don’t become prisoners of apathy and ingratitude, then we are willing to know more about what makes our foundation unique and worth fighting for.


So who is really the threat to America? Those who remain apathetic to learning who we are, and what makes us who we are.


Freedom is yours to have, if you are willing to learn how it was achieved in the first place.


One way you can do that is to take advantage of the emails and videos posted by Freedomists Director, Daniel Myers. Lately, he has been sharing specifically about our founding documents. It could be a great place to begin your journey as a guardian of America’s foundation.



How else can you secure our foundation?






Written by

Hannah Bunch

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