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Standing for freedom, together.

February 2, 2019

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Standing for Freedom, Together

March 24, 2016


America was founded on the principle that every citizen is a valuable individual with a God-given right to live in freedom.



Because our founders believed this so passionately, they gave us a revolutionary political system; one that takes power away from politicians and gives it to each individual.


This is what we call - political freedom. This freedom has made America exceptional.



The Power


Freedom gives each individual the hope to believe in his dreams, and the opportunity to make his dreams a reality. 


It ignites the ingenuity and creativity that leads to new technology and a better future.


It bonds every citizen together with patriotism and loyalty to his nation.


Most of all, it allows every citizen to express himself, and to live out the convictions of his faith and conscience. 



The Evidence


This political system of freedom has proven to be more than a nice theory. 


In a fraction of the time most nations have existed, America grew from a group of colonists to the most advanced nation the world has ever known.


Although freedom is normal to us, in reality, tyranny has been the norm throughout all of history. Mankind has endured extreme injustice, mistreatment, and even mass murder...all because of the corruption of powerful governments.


America is the exception to the rule. She’s the rebel to the way nations have been. She stands in the face of tyranny, and offers hope throughout the whole world. She values every individual, and gives refuge to millions of immigrants from all across the globe.



The Decision


Today, America is at a crossroads.


Many cry out for stronger and more powerful government. Others hold firm to the way America was founded. 


As freedomists, we've made our choice. 


We understand that more power for the government, means less power for the people.


We will not back down from the conviction that every citizen is valuable and has the right to pursue his dreams.


Join the movement, and let’s stand for freedom together.  








Written by

Daniel Myers

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