If you’re a human, there’s a good chance you love freedom.


You just want to pursue your dreams, express yourself and exercise your faith and conscience. 


The problem is, the freedom you love is in serious danger.


As the government’s power continues to grow, the people’s power continues to dwindle. 


Unless a bold movement rises all across this nation to defend our God-given rights, we will lose our liberty.


If you want to defend freedom, join the freedomist movement.


By standing together, we can defend liberty

and justice for all. 

Join the 



to Join

Joining the movement is as simple as believing in true freedom and taking a stand in spite of the culture.


This means you believe America is greatest when the people have power to make decisions for themselves.


You believe America is happiest when the people have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.


You believe that the government’s purpose is to protect, not to provide.


Ultimately, you take a stand on the conviction that every citizen is a valuable individual, with God-given rights that no man has the authority to give or take away.


That is how you join the movement, and this is what it means to be a freedomist.


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