September 9, 2020

Are you outraged about something? You probably are, everyone is. Did you ever wonder why that is and where this professional culture of outrage came from?

The answer is American high schools. They aren’t preparing students for college. They’re preparing them to be prof...

August 27, 2020

For the past month, politicians on both sides of the aisle have been passionately debating how and when America's children should go back to school, yet none of them have dared ask if they should.

Findings from the Pew Research Center have the US in 38th place out of 7...

August 6, 2020

Michelle Obama used her role as the first lady to champion and attempt to complete her goal of ending childhood obesity.

She started the Let’s Move health campaign which focused on improving and expanding nutrition, physical activity, and health awareness. There were m...

July 24, 2020

When Dana Bash interviewed Kellyanne Conway in 2019, it wasn’t Kellyanne’s job that was highlighted but instead, her life as a working Mom.

They discussed how difficult the move had been for Kellyanne’s children and what it was like to balance a heavy schedule with bei...

July 8, 2020

As of today, we are 119 days away from an election that will decide which political, cultural, and economic path this country will take, and for some reason (looking at you Brad Parscale), I still don’t know what Trump’s platform is.

I know what he likes to talk about a...

June 11, 2020

Does anyone know what Joe Biden is running on? We are now five months away from the 2020 election, and I, a politically active, young American, am still not sure what precisely the Presumptive Democratic Nominee for President is running on.

Let me be clear, I know what...

May 7, 2020

Joe Biden is now the presumptive Democrat nominee for President. His candidacy was supposed to usher in Democrat unity and stability. Instead it has divided the Democrat electorate. Progressives feel ignored and abandoned while moderates are questioning "why". It’s baf...

April 15, 2020

Bernie Sanders led a political revolution in 2016 inspiring millions of young people to not only get involved in politics, but to break ideologically from the norm of the Democrat Party. His candidacy and leadership forced the Democrat Party to make a sharp left turn a...

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